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I have spent 7+ years building marketing strategies for leading companies, and coaching business owners on how to increase their revenue.

I started my career managing online marketing programs for Fortune 500 consumer brands at a NYC based Public Relations firm. I specialized in helping clients figure out how to use influencer marketing, content and social media to grow their online presence. Some of the brands that I worked with include Proctor & Gamble, Pepperidge Farm, Gallo Wing and Gogo squeeZ. I later joined Disney Interactive where I was charged with developing their first-ever influencer ad network. 

I left my full-time job two years ago to start my own freelance consultancy where I work with a range of agencies, startups and boutique business owners. Today, I help clients generate media coverage, create powerful influencer partnerships, develop engaging content for their social media channels and expand their audience in a way that grows their business. 

You can read my full story here.  

Who Do I Work With?


Online Shop & Boutique Brands - Small Businesses who are passionate about the products they create, but need extra support getting their work in front of a wider audience. I help these clients grow their following in a way that directly impacts sales.

Authors & Entrepreneurs - Authors, coaches and entrepreneurs who have a unique story to share with the world, but need someone to help them tell their story  in a  strategic way.  I help these clients craft their brand story and approach PR in a way that expands their audience. 

Marketing Agencies and Startups - Agencies and startups who have an innovative idea, but need an expert to help them bring it to life in a meaningful way.  I help these clients execute large-scale marketing programs, plan product launches and manage content development.


Services & Pricing 

I only work with a select handful of clients each month, so I can work closely on achieving their goals. 

Here are some of the things I help my clients with:

- Landing coverage in national media outlets
- Creating impactful influencer collaborations
- Building and managing affiliate networks
- Creating social media strategies and content calendars
- Secure new Wholesale clients and brand sponsors
- Developing engaging email marketing strategies 

Packages start at $800

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