Hi there! I'm a Freelance PR & marketing consultant who works with independent brands.

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I have spent 7+ years building marketing strategies for leading companies, and coaching business owners on how to increase their revenue.

I started my career managing online marketing programs for Fortune 500 consumer brands at a NYC based Public Relations firm. I specialized in helping clients figure out how to use influencer marketing, content and social media to grow their online presence. I left my full-time job at Disney Interactive two years ago to start my own freelance consultancy where I work with a range of agencies, startups and boutique business owners. 
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Who Do I Work With?

I only work with clients that I really love. I love businesses that have a fascinating story, an innovative angle or and amazing Founder that I can't help but support. 

Online Shops & Boutique Brands

Small Businesses, Online Shops and Boutique brands who need extra support getting their work in front of a wider audience.

Some of my clients include fashion designers, boutique skincare brands, food brands, handmade shops and fair-trade organizations

Authors & Entrepreneurs

Authors, coaches and entrepreneurs who have a unique story to share, but need help expanding their audience.

Some of my clients include best-selling authors, nationally recognized career coaches, and Award-winning Entrepreneurs.

Marketing Agencies & Startups

Agencies and startups who need extra support developing and managing their public relations and online marketing campaigns.

Some of my clients include boutique and mid-size marketing agencies, advertising networks, and online education startups.